TJ Edwards II is the name of a quarterback that you will not want to sleep on during this upcoming inaugural season of Fan Controlled Football.

It started out in college where he put on an absolute show at University of Indianapolis. In most categories, Edwards ranked first or second in Division II and even stacked up his numbers against those in Division I.

Playing at the Division II level set a fire off inside of him to always play his absolute best.

“Yes. Having confidence in my overall game,” Edwards II said. “I wanted to make sure I dominated the D2 level. I made a promise to myself that I would try and break every record at my school and in the conference!” 


“I had a lot of great moments throughout my collegiate career,” Edwards II shared. “But my favorite would be winning the GLVC Conference Championship in 2016 my sophomore season while being the youngest player ever in conference history to win the Offensive Player of The Year award.”

Edwards is certainly slept on for no reason. He has some crazy stats and on-field feats just like he said.

Going back to the FCF topic, he looks to put on a show and prove why he should be on an NFL roster. There are quite a few NFL quarterbacks that Edwards would beat out in camp if and when an NFL team signs him.

“My goals for this FCF season is to dominate at my position and stand out in front of the whole league but also being named a starter for a team each week we play,” Edwards II said.

The FCF will have some big school and big named guys that he will go up against. He’ll be able to prove again why his name should be in the same category as the big schools.

“I am looking forward to competing with some of the top QBs who are here from the major D1 school so that I can evaluate my game and see how we all match up against each other,” Edwards II said.

The 6-foot, 205 pound frame of Edwards is certainly the mold of a lot of great, current NFL quarterbacks. Just like his favorite NFL quarterback to watch film on which is Russell Wilson.

Closing out, Edwards should have been on an NFL teams radar by now. But after the FCF season, he should finally get his shot to show why he belongs with a pro squad.

Hear from Edwards himself on why you will want to watch him and why he should be on an NFL squad. 

“I am an elite passer who can make any throw the scouts want to see,” Edwards II said. “My football IQ and intelligence for the game is second to none and my dedication to my team is most important. I am also blessed with the athletic abilities to make plays with my feet when necessary. I am a winner and demand nothing but greatness from myself first and the guys I am around me. I am very coachable and love to learn on a consistent basis. I love the game of football, it is my life!”


Moose Gibson is a Contributor for Unwrapped Sports Network. Follow him on on Twitter @midnightxmoose