This article will touch on the some of the basic supplies needed when collecting/investing in cards so that they are kept in good condition. I will also mention some other things that are not needed but recommended to have.

Penny Sleeves & Top Loaders

Penny Sleeves are a must to protect the cards at a minimum. Usually after opening packs rookies and hits are directly placed in them to immediately protect the card from any surface, edge or corner damage. After placing the card into a penny sleeve, it should be placed into a top loader to protect it even more. Below I have some images of penny sleeves and top loaders.

Ultra Pro 100 penny sleeves pack


Ultra Pro Regular Toploader

2019 Rui Hachimura RC Prizm Base in penny sleeve in top loader


Storing your cards

I would recommend grabbing at least a cardboard storage like the image I have below or else you will be like me when I first started and have stacks of cards around your room and in boxes (lol).

These boxes come in sizes from single slots to bigger ones like the 3,200 count one I have below. They are cheap, just a few dollars and can help organize your cards greatly.

In addition to the cardboard storage, you can invest in other forms of storage like more heavy-duty ones. If you google search sports cards case, there will be plenty of options. I use this case from Harbor Freight. It comes with the foam that you can cut out or pull out with your hands to make the shape of whatever you want. I measure the size of the card or my graded slabs and make slots for them. It just gives it a little more protection and easier to carry. They aren’t too expensive, and Harbor Freight has coupons all the time.


Shipping – Use Some Protection

DO NOT USE a PWE (Plain White Envelope)

Unless the person you are shipping to requests it to cut costs (I still would not), never use one.

There is a proper way to ship cards so that they are protected and if you plan on shipping them these are needed. You will need the above-mentioned penny sleeves and top loaders, but also more. Bubble mailers, painter’s tape and bubble wrap are needed when shipping.

Put the card in a penny sleeve in a top loader and painter’s tape at the top. Cut cardboard and tape with painter’s tape. Put card in bubble mailer. (Extra recommended: wrap cardboard in bubble wrap).

There are extra measures that you can take like I mentioned above. I buy extra bubble wrap and wrap the card in it. You can also put it in a team bag like the Charizard image. More of these supplies will pop up as you order more cards or spend more time around the hobby. The penny sleeves and top loaders are a MUST. Bubble mailers to ship them in as well.

I will stop here to put this second article out but I’m thinking I will put a part two for supplies and shipping out eventually. I may also make a short video on how to package cards.

If you have questions, feel free to message me on Twitter @m_kitty3 or Instagram @gato.malo__ @cardkit3

And stay tuned for more. Thanks!



Matt Kitagawa is a Contributor for Unwrapped Sports Network. Follow him on on Twitter @m_kitty3