Enrique Yenny is a very underrated kicker from Mexico. Yenny was signed to play with the Monreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League prior to COVID-19. Being from outside of the US made him even hungrier to prove himself.

“It’s a really nice challenge because we have to work harder and outwork kickers from the states,” Yenny said. “That really motivates me because I know I can compete against anyone.” 

This year especially has been rough on kickers. There really is no reason for every team not to own two kickers, one on the practice squad and one on the NFL roster. Yenny is a very viable option for any team. A trait that may help stick out that he is a lefty too, which can sometimes help with trajectory,

“I would say it’s not a unique advantage but kinda helps you with the movement of the ball,” Yenny shared.

Yenny has always been clutch even before he went to the pros. In fact, one of his most memorable moments includes him showing up in a key moment on the biggest stage.

“When I kicked a 54-yard championship winning field goal with my college because it was our first ever championship in school’s history,” Yenny said about his favorite memories. Also when I got drafted in the LFA-CFL draft because it was my first pro experience,” 

He has hit field goals from 59 and 60 yards in game. The kicker has even hit a field goal from 70 yards out in practice. That is just crazy.

“It was a really cool experience,” Yenny remembered. “The 59-yard field goal was record breaking in 2019 and then in March 2020, I kicked the 60-yarder. It is nice to always compete against myself.” 


Staying ready

Yenny has been staying ready for his chance day in and day out. Whether it is training or watching film to better himself, he is always improving. 

“From Monday-Friday, I wake up at 5 a.m., I do my cardio, I go to the gym and then to practice my kicks,” Yenny shared. “It takes me around four hours. I follow a diet and on Saturdays I just do cardio.” 

All his life Yenny has been watching some of the NFL’s best to make himself the best.

“I grew up watching Vinatieri,” Yenny said. “I would say he’s my favorite kicker but right now I like how Marquette King punts. Pat Mcafee, Justin Tucker, Will Lutz, Thomas Morstead, I like to watch their highlights so I can improve my technique.” 

When the day comes that an NFL team takes a chance on Yenny, it will be a great day.

“Like a dream come true,” Yenny said. “I can’t even say how I could feel because it’s something I have been trying to reach.


Moose Gibson is a Contributor for Unwrapped Sports Network. Follow him on on Twitter @midnightxmoose”