Kevin Anderson received the start for the Conquerors Wednesday for the nightcap game.

Straight out the gates Anderson looked poised and ready for action. Andersonโ€™s first touchdown of the night came on an absolute dime to Vince Papale Jr.ย 

He hit Papale in the back right corner of the endzone perfectly. Perfect is the word to describe his entire first half.

The Fordham product Anderson showed off his arm on multiple occasions, including a 46-yard toe-tap catch and a 35-yard dart.

Anderson would go a perfect 8 for 8 with 144 yards through the air with a touchdown. The Spring League even showed him some love at halftime.ย  He would walk into halftime with a 17-14 lead over the Alphas.

Going into the second half, the Conquerors put backup Justin McMillan in to lead the team. Yes, The Spring League is a pay to play league and the players need the film but you can not be more perfect than Anderson was in that first half. McMillan went four and out twice in a row. The Conquerors would fall.ย ย 

Anderson would not see any action in the third quarter with Coach Glanville wanting to give everyone time. There is no reason Anderson should have been pulled whatsoever. The Alphas left JT Barrett in for the long haul and never looked to Chase Fourcade.ย 

McMillan would stay at signal caller into the fourth quarter. He would break a few runs and one pass which was fumbled. After the play he would get into a physical altercation with an Alphas’ coach. There is no place for that in football, especially in a showcase that professional scouts are watching. From here on out there is no excuse for placing McMillan ahead of Anderson, McMillan surely does not want it as much as Anderson. Plus Anderson deserves it.

Anderson would come back in the next drive with 8:50 left in the game. He would come out first play and sling a 50-yard pass to Nate Holley but it was dropped. It was tight coverage but a great pass by Anderson. That would lead to a four and out, but first play next drive JT Barrett throws his second interception. Back-to-back throws, back-to-back interceptions for Barrett.

Anderson would drive the Conquerors down to the five-yard line of the Alphas but that ended with a fumble by the running back. Anderson always stays poised and focused in high pressure.

Kevin Anderson would end the night 10 of 13 on pass attempts with a 156 yards in the air with a touchdown.ย 

As mentioned earlier, scouts heavily follow this league. Surely, a professional scout was watching Anderson tonight and realized how much talent he has. He deserves a shot.

All in all, Anderson should have never been benched. They could have easily contended with the Alphas. Good chance the Conquerors would have conquered the Alphas. The Alphas pulled out a 22-19 victory.