The NFL Unwrapped Mock Draft 2.0 is this Saturday at 7:00 pm ET! The entire event will be broadcasted live on Sportscastr and extra content will be published on Twitter. The first draft was a blast and everyone who tuned in seemed to enjoy it, so join the club!

Here’s how it’ll work: The draft will be two rounds and teams will be represented by members of the USN family. Yes, trades can and will likely happen. Everyone does their best to make educated picks, but the element of entertainment can creep in sometimes. So don’t freak out when your favorite team picks a kicker…kidding.

For myself, I’m representing the Chicago Bears. In the first draft, I chose John Simpson, a Guard from Clemson and Cole Kmet, the Tight End from Notre Dame who is on everyone’s radar. Did I criticized? yes, absolutely. I was taking the approach of necessities instead of taking the best possible player. I did my research on the entire Guard and Tight End class, and thought that those picks were quality picks. Keep in mind, the Bears don’t have any mid-round picks. Quality over quantity is the name of the game in my opinion. 

Going into this draft, without giving too much away, I’m more open to switching it up. Having the 43rd and 50th pick isn’t very exciting, but who knows, maybe I’ll throw a wrench in another team’s plans…maybe not. I’d like to open up the discussion to fellow Bears fans. What would you do? Would you play it safe and take the picks and run? Or would you go for broke and see what happens? Tweet me @JoshBUSN and let’s start a war room before, and even during this draft.

Mark your calendars, April 18 at 7:00 pm ET is the start of the mock draft. Hope to see you there, and Bear down!

Josh Barlog is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network. Follow him on Twitter @JoshBUSN.