Putting on your favorite team’s jersey is such a great feeling. Letting the world know that you support that organization makes you feel proud, and the compliments you may get are the cherry on top. In today’s sports world though, fans are hesitant on making this type of purchase. Most fear that the second they swipe their card or hit “submit” on the order form, that player will seek out a better opportunity or get traded. If those factors are non-existent, the other issue is the actual price. Fans have to shell out anywhere between $100.00 to $250.00 USD to pick up a new jersey…or sweater. Yes, hockey “jerseys” are sweaters. The price tag, and the thought of seeing the withdrawal on your banking app is daunting, but there is one big thing diehards can do to make the buying process less painful: Save. It is the most simple approach to making larger than normal transactions, and is broken down by sport below. This simple-to-follow plan, if executed correctly, will guarantee that you have a brand new jersey or sweater every single season.

NFL Jersey: $99.99: So, you want to support your team even after they went 6-10? How loyal of you. Saving $8.34 per month will get you to the #100.00 mark. How much is that bi-weekly? $4.17. You get paid per week? About $2.09. Save the monthly amount and pick your favorite gunslinger or speed back’s jersey before the season kicks off.

NBA Jersey: $109.99: Your jumper may be weak, but in a year your threads are going to be fire. Just a tip, I would check social media to make sure a super team isn’t on the horizon before you get a player’s jersey who plans on taking their talents elsewhere. $9.17 a month, $4.59 every two weeks, or $2.29 every week will get you to a little over $110.00. Once you reach this amount, you’re ready to cop a fresh NBA jersey. Any player. Any Team.

MLB Jersey: $134.99: It’s sad to say that since Nike has taken over another league, there was an increase of about 12.5% in pricing. Nonetheless, saving $11.25 per month will hit the goal. That breaks down to about $5.63 bi-weekly and $2.78 per week. Surely, you could find discounted Majestic jerseys on trusted sites, but if you want to support up-and-coming phenoms, this is the amount to swing for.

NHL Sweater: $249.99*: Why is there an asterisk next to the price? I’ll get to that after I explain the initial values breakdown. $20.84 tucked away per month gets you to the top of the hill. $10.42 every two weeks and $5.21 each week are the broken down amounts. This price is for the Adidas-branded sweater that can be found in team shops and officially licensed sites. However, there is an alternate choice. Fanatics, who has become a go-to stop for fans in the past two years, has a Fanatics-branded sweater that is wildly close to the officially licensed ones that Adidas makes. You won’t get the logo on the back that tells everyone that it’s “real” but you do get a fan-inspired fit with high quality logos and numbers. These sweaters are $169.99 and are customizable for $199.99. To get an already made one, you’ll need to save $14.17 per month. That boils down to $7.09 every two weeks and $3.55 every week. This is not an endorsement of the product, but an alternative option to support your favorite hockey team. Whichever route you choose, remember these three things: Pass, shoot and score.

There you have it, a yearly breakdown of the four major sports’ jersey prices to guide you to have a new jersey each season. Keep in mind that taxes may vary, which will adjust the amount that needs to be saved, but use this approach regardless. The hardest part about doing something like this plan, is the discipline it takes to make a decision 12 months before the actual transaction, but the ability to make a stress-free purchase is a priceless reward. So start planning on what jersey you want to wear for the first game, and start taking care of your chicken!

Josh Barlog is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network website. Follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram.