So, this one will be quick as some of you might need to decide quickly. Mahomes suffered a patellar dislocation, which means his kneecap was forced out of place. Best case scenario, he’ll be sidelined 4-5 weeks. The worst possible outcome is that he needs surgery, which will end his season. Here are a few options you have. 

Hold him

If you’re 5-1, maybe 6-0, and have a backup QB on your bench, there’s no need to panic. Hold on to him. Ideally, your league does it the right way and you have an IR spot. This is the option for the conservative folks.

Sell him

Right now, there might be a person willing to give up a decent QB for Mahomes. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities for an owner to underestimate the severity of this injury. If they’re uninformed or crazy, they might offer you a top 10-15 RB or WR, and you should take it. After all, those positions are much more valuable; and if you can, stream QBs the rest of the way. The worst case scenario is you lose out on Mahomes in the playoffs. Conversely, you can flip Mahomes for a top 15 player after it comes out that he’s done for the season. The window on this is brief, so act now. 

Buy him

If your team is a borderline playoff team or you’re a risk it for the biscuit type, you have a solid streaming option for the next month or so, look to trade for Mahomes. Now, obviously don’t give up another premium player for him, but if you can send the Mahomes owner a Jacoby Brissett or Gardner Minshew type before the panic begins to fade, do it. Then just plan to stream QBs the rest of the way with a potential league winner coming back in December. Why? Because it is still within the realm of possibilities that he’s back for the fantasy playoffs.

The bottom line is that Mahomes is going to be out at least three weeks, and potentially for the season. Act accordingly.


Edwin Porras is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network website. Follow him @FFStudentDoc on Twitter.