The United States Womens’ National Team is doing a fantastic job of representing their country. They’re making their fans proud at home and also to the sold-out crowd that they are having in France. The 13-0 win over Thailand, 3-0 win over Chile, 2-0 win over Sweden, and the 2-1 win over Spain has now set up the Americans to face the host team of France in the quarterfinals. 

The 13-0 win over Thailand was the largest margin of victory ever at the World Cup. If anyone stepped away from the screen, they most likely missed a goal. If a fan took a trip to the concession stand or the bathroom, they could have missed two or more goals. Alex Morgan scored five goals, which ties a team record. Rose Lavelle and Sam Mewis added two goals as well. The Americans scored four goals in a six-minute span in the second half. After the 78th minute, they continued their prowl with five more goals. The game was over before it even started since the Americans had 40 shots, while Thailand only had 2, at least both of them were on target. 

Their domination continued on against Chile, with a 3-0 win. From the 26 shot attempts that the team had, it only took 3 of them to get the win. With a strong first half of three goals, it was just them against the clock to get the win. Carli Lloyd scored two goals for the Americans in the 11th and 35th minute, and Julie Ertz recorded the other goal in the 26th minute. The Americans exemplified great defense as Chile only had one shot for the entire game. 

America faced a true competitor against Sweden. Their 2-0 win was not as easy as the previous games. Lindsey Horan scored the first goal in the first 3 minutes of the game. The Luck of the Irish was on America’s side as Sweden scored an own goal in the 50th minute. 

Today, the Americans faced the most adversity against Spain. After a penalty, Megan Rapinoe scored the first goal in the 7th minute of the game. Thinking same ol’ story, right? Well two minutes later, due to a lack of communication between Alyssa Naeher and her defense, Jennifer Hermoso (Spain) scored a goal in the 9th minute. That’s the first goal that the Americans have given up all of the World Cup. The possession of the ball was closely even amongst both teams, so fans were on the edge of their seats as to who was going to win the game. But Spain made a mistake as well. Another penalty in the 76th minute, allowed Rapinoe to score another goal, which sealed the win for the United States. 

The USWNT will continue on their World Cup road to victory on against the host team, France, on Friday at 3:00pm (EST). France has had a more challenging road than the Americans: 4-0 win over South Korea, 2-1 win over Norway, 1-0 win over Nigeria, and 2-1 win over Brazil. 

Alexis Pitchford is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network website. Follow her @AlexisPitchford on Twitter.