Arizona: C+

Kyler Murray is a good player and they got a good red zone threat. Offensive line should have been a focus. Especially after drafting Murray, one would think the Cardinals would want to protect him. The major reasoning for the C+ is the mishandling of Josh Rosen. Not getting a deal done before the draft diminished his value of being a former first round pick. They really shot themselves in the foot to the point where they tried to trade him and made the demands, the Dolphins said no and moved on. Then came back and received the 69th overall pick.

Falcons: B

They focused on offensive line, which is a huge need for them getting two of the best in the draft. No defensive tackle though, which was an obvious need for them.

Ravens: B-

Got the best receiver in the draft in Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Justice Hill is a good backup to Mark Ingram. As the Ravens usually do, they focused on the trenches to shore up their offensive and defensive line. What was shocking to me is that they did not focus on the defense as a whole that much. We will see how that works out for them, especially since they lost a lot of good players on the defensive side of the ball.

Bills: B+

They did an excellent job in waiting and got Ed Oliver, one of the best players in the draft. They then moved up to strengthen their offensive line with Cody Ford. They also picked up Devin Singletary, who will be good backup to Shady McCoy. It was odd that they did not focus on receiver. They need to surround Josh Allen with weapons and they failed to do that in the draft. Cole Beasley was a good pick up, but not a major one.

Panthers: C

They continued to ignore their biggest needs in the draft. I thought for sure a receiver was coming off the board when they came up. They went with Brian Burns, who is a freak-of-nature athlete, but could struggle because of his lack of size. They got an offensive lineman in the second round which helps, but they needed much more help in the trenches. Cam Newton needs protection and more weapons if they want to get back to competing for a Super Bowl.

Bears: C-

The only reason this isn’t worse is because I love Riley Ridley. He is a perfect fit and will help with Trubisky’s progression. To their credit, they didn’t have a lot of picks, but they do have some holes to fill.

Bengals: D+

They got jumped by the Steelers for Devin Bush, which hurts a lot. They ended up with a very overrated offensive tackle in Jonah Williams. He needs a lot of help and time to perfect his technique. Germaine Pratt could be a starter in this league, but more likely is just a rotation guy.

Browns: B+

Limited picks, but they continued to capitalize. Greedy Williams is a huge pick up for them and will form a great duo with Denzel Ward. The Browns, that’s right, the Browns may have the best defensive backfield in the NFL. Mack Wilson could be a starter for a long time, but he has a lot to work on before that happens.

Cowboys: C

The Cowboys made an odd pick in Trystin Hill. I didn’t understand that one when there were much better players on the board. Got another offensive linemen, which always helps, but they have so much depth there it really didn’t make sense. They did however come away with Tony Pollard, who could be a good slot guy for them.

Broncos: A-

The Broncos may have won this draft. They traded back and still got their TE in Noah Fant. Dalton Risner was a great choice and will have an immediate impact. Drafting Drew Lock was the steal of the draft. His potential is endless, but he needs to work on a few things. Joe Flacco will start for a year and then Lock will take over. This is also the perfect situation for Lock, who has a very strong arm and a good deep ball. Joe Flacco, for all his faults, has one of the prettiest deep balls in NFL history and maybe he will help teach the young QB. Also having one of the greatest gunslingers of all time in John Elway at his constant disposal should be of great help to him. The Broncos may have finally gotten their guy.

Lions: C+

They got a lot of guys that need work, but could become good players. Except for Hockenson, who is going to be good, but was a reach. Sitting at number 8, there were plenty of players still available that would have been great for them. Also, Noah Fant is probably the better TE and they are from the same school, so again a good pick but not the best pick.

Packers: B

A lot of people don’t like the Packers’ picks in the first round, but I do. They didn’t draft for need, but got two of the best players in the draft with Rashan Gary and Darnell Savage. Then they went offensive line in the second and got a versatile player in Elgton Jenkins, who could start at multiple positions on the line.

Texans: D

They may have had the worst draft in the league. They missed out on Dillard and reached on a tackle with really bad technique. Tytus Howard is the reach of the draft. He has the size to be an NFL LT, but he has terrible technique. He’s got a very bad habit of blocking with his arms and not his hands. This might work at a school like Alabama State, but it will not work in the NFL. Lonnie Johnson is vastly overrated as a corner. They completely ignored one of their biggest needs, which was running back. Plenty of talent was available late in the draft and they just failed to get anyone with much upside.

Colts: C

They moved out of the first round and ended up with Rock Ya-Sin, who is a decent corner. They really just got a bunch of decent players, but nobody who really moves the needle.

Jaguars: A-

Another team that may have won the draft was the Jaguars. Josh Allen was a big get for them. They can slide him right into their already dominate defense. Moving up to get Jawaan Taylor will help their offensive line.

Chiefs: C

Not impressed by any of their picks. They took some players with potential, but they also need work. They were also in panic mode with the Tyreek Hill situation.

Chargers: B+

They drafted for scheme and got a guy that fits in Jerry Tillery. He will have an instant impact on their already great defensive line that specializes in getting after the QB. Tillery will help them in that and help them stop the run. They then fortified their already good defense with Nasir Adderley.

Rams: C+

They have a lot of talent already, so they drafted for best player available. Their biggest get was probably Darrell Henderson, who will see the field a lot with Todd Gurley’s ongoing health issues.

Dolphins: B-

This grade is not because their picks were anything special, though Wilkins could be a monster. Mainly, they get a B- because they made the Cardinals pay for mishandling Rosen.

Vikings: B-

They addressed their offensive line by selecting two interior linemen and a blocking tight end. Still though, it was very weird that they waited so long to draft a defensive linemen in a draft that was filled with good linemen.

Patriots: B

It pains me to give them a B, but they addressed some things they needed. N’Keal Harry is a good, big receiver and will be an instant red zone threat. Then they got Joejuan Williams, a big corner that can really help the defense. Good job Bill.

Saints: C

This is only because they were light on picks and moving up to get Max Unger’s replacement seemed unnecessary. But the got a good center in Erik McCoy in the second round. I don’t see Chauncey Gardner-Johnson as a starter, but he provides good depth for their defensive backs.

Giants: B

A lot of people are upset about Daniel Jones, and a lot of people don’t know what they are talking about too. Daniel jones made throws in college most NFL QBs dream of making. He can fit the ball into tight coverage and double teams. His biggest problem is that he forces it sometimes, but that can be fixed with time. He is scary accurate in the red zone and has some mobility. As an Eagles fan, I am not happy. Now I’m not going to claim he is the best QB in the draft, but it would not surprise me if at the end of their careers, Daniel Jones is viewed as a better quarterback than Kyler Murray. Dexter Lawrence will provide a lot of help for their defensive line and DeAndre Baker could be a long-term starting corner. The Giants got better.

Jets: B+

Quinnen Williams is all you have to say. He is a perfect fit for their scheme and an absolute beast in the trenches. Also, don’t sleep on Jachai Polite just because of a bad combine. When he played, he did things that will translate to the NFL. He knows how to use his speed, has a couple of inside moves, and knows how to stay low. With his size and speed, he could cause problems for the league.

Raiders: B

It was strange for the Raiders to take Clelin Ferrell so early. But that being said, he is a beast and will have an instant impact on that defense. And then grabbing Josh Jacobs was a great move with Marshawn Lynch not coming back. Jonathan Abram is a safety that will start day one as well.

Eagles: B

What a great first-round pick moving up to get the heir apparent to Jason Peters in Andre Dillard; especially since Peters has proven he can’t stay healthy. And Dillard is a beast. He blocks with his hand and was the best pass blocker in the draft. For the naysayers out there, run blocking is super easy to teach a smart offensive linemen, which Dillard is. Miles Sanders was a surprise to me, though he is a really good player and I am very happy he is an Eagle. But I didn’t think the Eagles would go running back. After more thought though, it makes perfect sense since he is a perfect change-of-pace back to Jordan Howard. And as far as Arcega-Whiteside, I like him as a player; I just don’t know where he fits in this system. He is primarily an outside receiver, but another good player. As far as the whole “why didn’t they get a corner,” first of all, they have corners they were all hurt last year and Maddox showed he is the real deal. What Eagles fans should be asking is, “what about a defensive end?”

Steelers: B-

The move up to get Devin Bush was genius because the Bengals were going to take him. Also, Bush is a monster and fits their scheme perfectly. He can cover, blitz, and stop the run. Johnson was a strange pick. He’s good in the return game, but I don’t know if he can really be used in the offense. They also got a big corner in Justin Layne and a big, powerful back in Benny Snell. My semi-bold prediction is Benny Snell takes the job from James Conner by Week 4.

49ers: B

The only reason this is a B and not worse is because of Nick Bosa. We all know how good Bosa is going to be. But drafting Deebo Samuel just seemed weird. He was not close to the best receiver on the board at the time. Also, any time a team drafts a punter, their grade goes down. Just kidding, not really, but seriously just kidding.

Seahawks: B

I really like their draft. They drafted a lot of solid players. Collier and Blair are going to help right away. Who cares if they were taken a little early. Plus, they got DK Metcalf, a man amongst boys. But seriously, DK is going to need work and lose some muscle before he can reach his full potential.

Buccaneers: B-

Devin White is a monster. He is the best linebacker to come out in years and with comparisons to Ray Lewis, he will surely help the Bucs. The rest of their draft consisted of some real head scratchers. Sean Bunting before Greedy Williams made no sense at corner. Jamal Dean doesn’t do anything for me. And as for Mike Edwards, well there is a reason he went later in the draft. Sorry Bucs fans, you’re in for another long season.

Titans: C+

Jeffery Simmons will help the defense immensely, just not this year unfortunately since he will most likely be on the IR for the whole season. But, getting AJ Brown will help this year. He will be great to pair with Corey Davis.

Redskins: A-

Dwayne Haskins and Montez Sweat is all you have to say. When I saw Daniel Snyder was taking over the draft room, I thought “here comes an epic failure,” but he hit on almost every pick. Now the only reason they aren’t an A is because Haskins has all the talent in the world, but also has all the ego in the world, which may prevent him from progressing. Also, drafting Bryce Love was odd. They are adding an injury prone back to more injury prone backs. That being said, if Love can stay healthy he will be a very versatile weapon for years to come.

Alec Carr is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network website. Follow him @AlecCarr10 on Twitter.