What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word drama? Relationship problems? Reality TV? The correct answer is the Pittsburgh Steelers, and let me tell you why. Most recently Antonio Brown has said and done some outlandish things, like complaining he hasn’t gotten the ball enough, or photoshopped himself in a 49ers jersey. But he isn’t the only issue at hand for the Steelers, no no. They have a non-existent coach pretty much all of the time in Mike Tomlin. His recent track record is not as shiny as people think. First off, he hasn’t won a challenge at all this season. This issue could be easily fixed by hiring a guy to sit in the booth and call down when he thinks they should challenge, but Tomlin wants to go with his gut instead. Other than terrible coaching and drama with players, the team needs to start drafting better and getting players to start changing the culture. Here is a list of draft prospects who can do just that:

Deandre Baker CB 5’11” 185 lbs

Career interceptions: 7 (2 last year)

Career passes defended: 23 (9 last year)


  • Quick footed
  • Knows how to use his body to his advantage
  • Very good in man-to-man situations
  • Jams receivers at the jump
  • Prefers press coverage
  • Can take on big assignments early


  • Size is at times an issue
  • Inside positioning is an issue
  • Is tight at times, but can be easily fixed with experience

Byron Murphy CB 5’11” 182 lbs

Career interceptions: 6 (4 last year)

Career pass break-ups: 20 (13 last year)


  • Plays bigger than his size
  • Sneaky good tackler
  • Potential blitzer in certain packages
  • Very quick footed when it comes to changing direction in zone coverage
  • Very good instincts considering he has played just 1.5 years
  • Ballhawk
  • Has exceptional mirroring techniques in man coverage
  • Speed enables him to stay right with the receiver in man coverage


  • Needs to bulk up (easy fix)
  • Needs to learn technique when tackling
  • Looks for the big hit every play
  • Gets a little bit of a swollen head with his abilities

Mack Wilson ILB 6’2” 239 lbs

Career tackles: 113 (32 last season)

Career interceptions: 6 (2 last year)

Career sacks: 1 (1 last year)


  • Good coverage backer who can drop in zone with ease
  • Utilizes his strength with lineman and uses his hands properly
  • Has exceptional lateral quickness from sideline to sideline
  • Hybrid type player that is fast and can deliver the blow
  • Can play in sub packages


  • Needs to get better at disengaging blockers more often
  • Angles can be an issue
  • Needs to utilize his athleticism more when engaged with defenders and use leverage

Riley Ridley WR 6’2” 200 lbs

Career catches: 69 (43 last year

Career receiving yards: 1015 (559 last year)

Career receiving touchdowns: 13 (9 last year)



  • Even though limited, has shown good route running ability
  • Soft hands and secures ball tightly when pulling the ball in
  • Has natural instincts for the ball
  • High-points the ball with his height
  • Creates space with leverage down field
  • Uses physicality to create YAC
  • Has no issue thus far on press coverage
  • Sneaky good blocker down field, seems to have a natural ability



  • Lack of opportunity, which isn’t his fault
  • Does have a marijuana possession
  • Needs to evolve his release in the future
  • His numbers won’t wow you, which could lead to him slipping as late as the 4th round


I cannot stress enough how important culture in a locker room is. Without the right culture, even legends like Randy Moss or Jerry Rice would not have thrived

Cody Potanko is a Contributor for the Unwrapped Sports Network website. Follow him @Tankotanko013 on Twitter.